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Inca Trail-every Tuesday Ultimate Inca Trail - every Saturday. Other fixed departure dates below.

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MARCH 2015

21-mar 29-mar ITR1 Ultimate Inca Trail package
22-mar CUZ1 Hike Cusco ruins
23-mar MOR1 Hike Moray saltpans
24-mar 28-mar ITC1 Inca Trail
28-mar 05-abr MPM1 Machu Picchu Multisport
28-mar 05-abr ITR2 Ultimate Inca Trail package
28-mar 05-abr LAR1 Ultimate Lares trek package
29-mar 29-mar URU1 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
29-mar CUZ2 Hike Cusco ruins
30-mar BAS1 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
30-mar MOR2 Hike Moray to the salt pans
31-mar 04-abr ITC2 Inca Trail
31-mar 04-abr LAT1 Lares Trek


28-mar 05-abr MPM2 Machu Picchu Multisport
04-abr 11-abr FAP1 Family Adventure
04-abr 12-abr ITR3 Ultimate Inca Trail package
04-abr 12-abr LAR2 Ultimate Lares trek package
05-abr URU2 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
05-abr CUZ3 Hike Cusco ruins
06-abr BAS2 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
06-abr MOR3 Hike Moray saltpans
07-abr 11-abr ITC3 Inca Trail
07-abr 11-abr LAT2 Lares Trek
11-abr 19-abr ITR4 Ultimate Inca Trail package
12-abr 18-abr CHQ1 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
12-abr CUZ4 Hike Cusco ruins
13-abr MOR4 Hike Moray saltpans
14-abr 18-abr ITC4 Inca Trail
18-abr 26-abr ITR5 Ultimate Inca Trail package
18-abr 26-abr LAR3 Ultimate Lares trek package
19-abr CUZ5 Hike Cusco ruins
19-abr 23-abr CAP1 Inca Trail
20-abr MOR5 Hike Moray saltpans
21-abr 25-abr ITC5 Inca Trail
21-abr 25-abr LAT3 Lares Trek
25-abr 03-may ITR6 Ultimate Inca Trail package
26-abr CUZ6 Hike Cusco ruins
27-abr MOR6 Hike Moray saltpans
28-abr 02-may ITC6 Inca Trail


02-may 10-may MPM3 Machu Picchu Multisport
02-may 10-may ITR7 Ultimate Inca Trail
02-may 10-may LAR4 Ultimate Lares trek package

03-may CUZ7 Hike Cusco ruins
04-may BAS3 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
04-may MOR7 Hike Moray saltpans
05-may 09-may ITC7 Inca Trail
05-may 09-may LAT4 Lares Trek
09-may 17-may ITR8 Ultimate Inca Trail package
10-may 16-may CHQ2 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
10-may CUZ8 Hike Cusco ruins
11-may MOR8 Hike Moray saltpans
12-may 16-may ITC8 Inca Trail
15-may 24-may TAP1 Total Adventure Peru
16-may 24-may ITR9 Ultimate Inca Trail package
16-may 24-may LAR5 Ultimate Lares trek package
16-may 18-may APU1 Apurimac Rafting
16-may Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
17-may CUZ9 Hike Cusco ruins
18-may MOR9 Hike Moray saltpans
19-may 23-may ITC9 Inca Trail

19-may 23-may LAT5 Lares Trek
23-may 31-may ITR10 Ultimate Inca Trail package
23-may 31-may STH1 Single Track Heaven
24-may CUZ10 Hike Cusco ruins
25-may MOR10 Hike Moray saltpans
26-may 30-may ITC10 Inca Trail
30-may 07-jun ITR11 Ultimate Inca Trail package
31-may CUZ11 Hike Cusco ruins


01-jun MOR11 Hike Moray saltpans
02-jun 06-jun ITC11 Inca Trail
06-jun 14-jun MPM4 Machu Picchu Multisport
06-jun 14-jun ITR12 Ultimate Inca Trail package

06-jun 14-jun LAR6 Ultimate Lares trek package
07-jun URU4 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
07-jun CUZ12 Hike Cusco ruins
08-jun BAS4 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
08-jun MOR12 Hike Moray saltpans
09-jun 13-jun ITC12 Inca Trail

09-jun 13-jun LAT6 Lares Trek
13-jun 20-jun FAP2 Family Adventure
13-jun 21-jun ITR13 Ultimate Inca Trail package
14-jun CUZ13 Hike Cusco ruins
14-jun 17-jun MUL1 Raft Black Canyon
15-jun 21-jun CHQ3 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
15-jun MOR13 Hike Moray saltpans
16-jun 20-jun ITC13 Inca Trail
19-jun 28-jun TAP2 Total Adventure Peru
20-jun 28-jun ITR14 Ultimate Inca Trail package
20-jun 28-jun LAR7 Ultimate Lares trek package
20-jun 23-jun APU2 Apurimac Rafting
21-jun CUZ14 Hike Cusco ruins
22-jun MOR14 Hike Moray saltpans
23-jun 25-jun BOW1 Apurimac Rafting
23-jun 27-jun ITC14 Inca Trail

23-jun 27-jun LAT7 Lares Trek
27-jun 05-jul ITR15 Ultimate Inca Trail package
28-jun CUZ15 Hike Cusco ruins
29-jun MOR15 Hike Moray saltpans
30-jun 04-jul ITC15 Inca Trail


04-jul 11-jul FAP3 Family Adventure
04-jul 12-jul MPM5 Machu Picchu Multisport
04-jul 12-jul ITR16 Ultimate Inca Trail package
04-jul 12-jul LAR8 Ultimate Lares trek package
05-jul URU5 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
05-jul CUZ16 Hike Cusco ruins
06-jul BAS5 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
06-jul MOR16 Hike Moray saltpans
07-jul 11-jul ITC16 Inca Trail
07-jul 11-jul LAT8 Lares Trek
11-jul 19-jul ITR17 Cusco, Sacred Valley and Inca Trail
12-jul 18-jul CHQ4 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
12-jul CUZ17 Hike Cusco ruins
13-jul MOR17 Hike Moray saltpans
14-jul 18-jul ITC17 Inca Trail
17-jul 26-jul TAP3 Total Adventure Peru
18-jul 26-jul ITR18 Ultimate Inca Trail package
18-jul 26-jul LAR9 Ultimate Lares trek package
18-jul 20-jul APU3 Apurimac Rafting
18-jul 26-jul STH2 Single Track Heaven
19-jul CUZ18 Hike Cusco ruins
20-jul MOR18 Hike Moray saltpans
21-jul 25-jul ITC18 Inca Trail
21-jul 25-jul LAT9 Lares Trek
25-jul 01-ago FAP4 Family Adventure
25-jul 02-ago ITR19 Ultimate Inca Trail package
26-jul CUZ19 Hike Cusco ruins
27-jul MOR19 Hike Moray saltpans
28-jul 01-ago ITC19 Inca Trail


01-ago 08-ago FAP5 Family Adventure
01-ago 09-ago MPM6 Machu Picchu Multisport
01-ago 09-ago ITR20 Ultimate Inca Trail package
01-ago 09-ago LAR10 Ultimate Lares trek package
02-ago URU6 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
02-ago CUZ20 Hike Cusco ruins
03-ago BAS6 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
03-ago MOR20 Hike Moray saltpans
04-ago 08-ago ITC20 Inca Trail
04-ago 08-ago LAT10 Lares Trek
08-ago 16-ago ITR21 Ultimate Inca Trail package
09-ago 15-ago CHQ5 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
09-ago CUZ21 Hike Cusco ruins
10-ago MOR21 Hike Moray saltpans
11-ago 15-ago ITC21 Inca Trail
14-ago 23-ago TAP4 Total Adventure Peru
15-ago 23-ago ITR22 Ultimate Inca Trail package
15-ago 23-ago LAR11 Ultimate Lares trek package
15-ago 22-ago FAP6 Family Adventure
15-ago 17-ago APU4 Apurimac Rafting
16-ago CUZ22 Hike Cusco ruins
17-ago MOR22 Hike Moray saltpans
18-ago 22-ago ITC22 Inca Trail
18-ago 22-ago LAT11 Lares Trek
22-ago 30-ago ITR23 Ultimate Inca Trail package
23-ago CUZ23 Hike Cusco ruins
24-ago MOR23 Hike Moray saltpans
25-ago 29-ago ITC23 Inca Trail
29-ago 06-sep ITR24 Ultimate Inca Trail package
30-ago CUZ24 Hike Cusco ruins
31-ago MOR24 Hike Moray saltpans


01-sep 05-sep ITC24 Inca Trail
05-sep 13-sep MPM7 Machu Picchu Multisport
05-sep 13-sep ITR25 Ultimate Inca Trail package
05-sep 13-sep LAR12 Ultimate Lares trek package
06-sep URU7 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
06-sep CUZ25 Hike Cusco ruins
07-sep BAS7 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
07-sep MOR25 Hike Moray saltpans
08-sep 12-sep ITC25 Inca Trail
08-sep 12-sep LAT12 Lares Trek
12-sep 20-sep ITR26 Ultimate Inca Trail package
13-sep 19-sep CHQ6 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
13-sep CUZ26 Hike Cusco ruins
14-sep MOR26 Hike Moray saltpans
15-sep 19-sep ITC26 Inca Trail
18-sep 27-sep TAP5 Total Adventure Peru
19-sep 27-sep ITR27 Ultimate Inca Trail package
19-sep 27-sep LAR13 Ultimate Lares trek package
19-sep 21-sep APU5 Apurimac Rafting
20-sep CUZ27 Hike Cusco ruins
21-sep MOR27 Hike Moray saltpans
22-sep 26-sep ITC27 Inca Trail
22-sep 26-sep LAT13 Lares Trek
26-sep 04-oct ITR28 Ultimate Inca Trail package
26-sep 04-oct STH3 Single Track Heaven
27-sep CUZ28 Hike Cusco ruins
28-sep MOR28 Hike Moray saltpans
29-sep 03-oct ITC28 Inca Trail


03-oct 11-oct MPM8 Machu Picchu Multisport
03-oct 11-oct ITR29 Ultimate Inca Trail package
03-oct 11-oct LAR14 Ultimate Lares trek package
04-oct URU8 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
04-oct CUZ29 Hike Cusco ruins
05-oct BAS8 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
05-oct MOR29 Hike Moray saltpans
06-oct 10-oct ITC29 Inca Trail
06-oct 10-oct LAT14 Lares Trek
10-oct 18-oct ITR30 Ultimate Inca Trail package
11-oct 17-oct CHQ7 Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek
11-oct CUZ30 "Hike Cusco ruins "
12-oct MOR30 Hike Moray saltpans
13-oct 17-oct ITC30 Inca Trail
16-oct 25-oct TAP6 Total Adventure Peru
17-oct 25-oct ITR31 Ultimate Inca Trail package
17-oct 25-oct LAR15 Ultimate Lares trek package
17-oct 19-oct APU6 Apurimac Rafting
18-oct CUZ31 Hike Cusco ruins
19-oct MOR31 Hike Moray saltpans
20-oct 24-oct ITC31 Inca Trail
20-oct 24-oct LAT15 Lares Trek
24-oct 31-oct FAP7 Family Adventure
24-oct 01-nov ITR32 Ultimate Inca Trail package
25-oct CUZ32 Hike Cusco ruins
MOR32 Hike Moray saltpans
27-oct 31-oct ITC32 Inca Trail
31-oct 08-nov ITR33 Ultimate Inca Trail package
CUZ33 Hike Cusco ruins
MOR33 Hike Moray saltpans


01-nov CUZ32 Hike Cusco ruins
03-nov 07-nov ITC33 Inca Trail
21-nov 28-nov FAP8 Family Adventure
21-nov 29-nov ITR34 Ultimate Inca Trail package
22-nov CUZ34 Hike Cusco ruins
MOR34 Hike Moray saltpans
24-nov 28-nov ITC34 Inca Trail


05-dic 13-dic ITR35 Ultimate Inca Trail package
06-dic CUZ35 Hike Cusco ruins
07-dic MOR35 Hike Moray saltpans
08-dic 12-dic ITC35 Inca Trail
19-dic 26-dic FAP9 Family Adventure
19-dic 27-dic MPM9 Machu Picchu Multisport
19-dic 27-dic ITR36 Ultimate Inca Trail package
19-dic 27-dic LAR16 Ultimate Lares trek package
20-dic URU9 Raft the rapids to Pisac market
20-dic CUZ36 Hike Cusco ruins
21-dic BAS9 Bike Asalt-Moray to the salt pans
21-dic MOR36
22-dic 26-dic ITC36 Inca Trail
22-dic 26-dic LAT16 Lares Trek


Amazonas Explorer - A different approach

Based in Cusco, near Machu Picchu, Amazonas Explorer offers the best Inca Trail and alternative Trekking routes, Rafting, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Cultural and Family Tours, Expeditions, Holidays, Vacations and Adventures in Peru.

Amazonas Explorer's "Philosophy" is to combine a genuinely alternative adventure experience, with the best historical and cultural attractions in a "style" that is wonderfully unique. We offer small group fixed departures and custom made Peru tours.

An Amazonas Explorer “Alternative Adventure” does not mean having to "rough it". We believe in the finer things in life and as our guests, we want your time with us to be as luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable as possible - after all, it is your holiday.

2015 highlights include:

Five Day Inca Trail departing every Tuesday. The only way to trek to Machu Picchu without the crowds.

9 Day Ultimate Inca Trail package  Every Saturday, to see the best of Cusco and the Sacred Valley too.

9 Day Machu Picchu Multi-sport Hike, bike and raft your way to Machu Picchu. Includes the 5 day Inca Trail.

10 Day Total Adventure Peru Acclimatise for your 5d Inca Trail with 3 days of rafting on the mighty Apurimac


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